Famous Arena Monster Truck Events

Usually, a monster truck event includes destroying small vehicles with their big wheels. These trucks can easily overcome most barriers, so they are equipped with remote ignition Interrupter (Remote ignition Interrupter) remote controls, to prevent accidents if the driver loses control at any time. In some events, only one monster truck is in the course at once, although most include two drivers competing on symmetrical tracks, with the losing driver being eliminated as in singles elimination tournaments.

Check out the curiosities about the Monster Jam, an event that invades the Arena Corinthians. Monster Jam invades the Arena Corinthians once again.

With hundreds of events around the world and more than a million fans on Facebook, Monster Jam is the world’s biggest four-wheel action show. These are giant trucks approximately 3 meters high and wide, 5 meters long and 6 tons’ weight.

In Monster Jam, the machines face trials that combine radical maneuvers, height and distance from each jump and moments when the pilot manages to get out of situations that can lead the monster truck to destruction are just some of the emotions that await the audience during the presentation.

Monster Jam strikes the Arena Corinthians one more time. Check out below some curiosities about the Monster Jam:

  • Height-approximately 3.6 m
  • Width-approximately 3.6 m
  • Length-approximately 6 m
  • Weight-5.4 tones
  • Tire size-167cm x 109 cm on a wheel of 63,5 cm
  • Engine Type-Big Block American V8 with supercharged injection
  • Engine size-less than 14,6 cubic meters / 9,4 liters’ displacement
  • Force horses (HP)– 1350 – 2000+
  • Maximum speed – 113 Km/h (Monster trucks have equipment with tachometers that are measuring the working speed of the engine compared to the speed meters measuring the speed of the vehicle)
  • 20 to 32-inch shock absorbers with adjustable nitrogen suspension or Coil Overs
  • Chassis-made of steel customized with a min of only 8 points connected to the main chassis
  • Body-made of fiberglass with Lexan windshield
  • Fuel tank capacity-83 liters
  • Fuel type- with 99,9% methanol
  • Fuel economy-17 liters per kilometer
  • Truck safety-inspection of more than 50 security points before each show/ remote ignition (RII) Switch, allows runway operators to disconnect a truck at any time / there is a fire extinguisher system on board
  • Driver safety-5 point/shoes, overalls, racing helmet with is fire resistant and gloves.
  • Transport Trailer– 28 tones

About the Monster Jam event

Monster Jam invades the Arena Corinthians once again. At Monster Jam, all Monster Trucks confront each other in three different forms of competition:

  • Side-by-side race traditional, where the first truck that crosses the finish line, with the lowest number of penalties, is declared a winner;
  • Two-wheel competition – drivers need to show their best two-wheel moves for a particular time. Each driver gets two tries;
  • Freestyle competition-allows drivers to show their skills within a determined time. In this category, fans act as judges.