Harewood House – 11th November 2017 – Event Cancellation

The runner sign up rate for this planned event has been low so far. Based on our previous events we are able to use sign up data to date to predict approximately how many people will have registered come event day.

Mapping out sign ups in this way we can see that unfortunately there will not be enough runners signed up to cover the average cost of our events.

We can therefore either:

  1. Put the event on and sustain a large financial loss;
  2. Put the event on for a cheaper overall budget; or
  3. Cancel the event.

Option 1: Our event is a small one in the scheme of things and we are normally lucky if we break even on event costs. Due to this we don’t have a large reserve of funds on account to fund a large loss on the Harewood House event.

Option 2: Putting the event on for a smaller budget isn’t viable. We use large quality, well built obstacles which we aren’t going to comprise on to bring costs down. This would impact negatively on the event experience.

Option 3: Given the above we are taking the difficult decision to cancel the 11th November event at Harewood House. We want to make this decision now so folks have several months notice of this happening.

We have notified our registration agent Primo Solutions to issue full refunds to everyone who has signed up to the event. These were processed on Monday 10th July. Refunds will arrive within the next 10 days. Refunds will be credited back to the debit/credit card runners used to purchase a ticket.

We hope the above is clear and you can understand our reason for having to cancel the event.

Monster Race – 10th July 2017