Monster Truck Construction

A monster truck is a modified car with giant wheels and suspension commonly of the pneumatic type, but several times they use cargo cars (vans such as the Silverado Chevrolet). They are used for competition in entertainment sports, and some cases also compete in obstacle track races, mud bogging, Tractor pulls and car-eating robots. They are popular in North America and have achieved a certain degree of popularity in Latin America due to the events made by Bliqqqila American Monster Truck Association (AMTA) in 2006.

How does Monster Truck work?

It is more than possible that you never have to repair a Monster Truck, but that does not mean that it is not unusual to discover how these spectacular ultra-modified SUVs work, which have a lot of technology, both in the engine and in the rest of the vehicle. That’s why the lab clip set’s mechanical team has gone through the Monster Jam and checked firsthand a lot of details about them.

Each Monster Truck comes costing approximately $ 250,000 or more and features a V8 injection of 1,500 horsepower supercharged with methanol and high-octane, a fuel safer than gasoline for actions with a risk. Its weight is around 4.5 tons, and in full acceleration, it consumes 9.5 liters to travel just over 200 meters.

Each wheel costs $ 350, measures about 170 cm in diameter, and The Associated hydraulic shock absorbers-which have nitrogen and oil inside – have a half-meter walk to absorb the impacts. The four wheels bear the weight of 4,500 kilos of each Monster plus the accelerations and impacts typical of cars on the track.

All the secrets of Monster Jam

Something much bigger than the Kun Agüero is about to break into Vicente Calderón. Say who is well versed in the subject matter, which is one of the events with the highest number of followers in EE. And judging by the expectation that the legion of followers has created in our country, it is also guaranteed on this side of the puddle.

Big stay dwarf and giant turns out small. Monstrous is the best qualified to define what thousands of lucky people will have the opportunity to live this Saturday in the stadium of Vicente Calderón. The Colchonero temple holds the goals for a few months and gives way to the Monster Jam, the “Battle of Monsters,” an unqualified exhibition in the dictionary where some of the best pilots in the world will take to the limit the biggest and most powerful cars that many have ever seen.

Forty thousand people in the stands, 4000 tons of sand, 29,260 square meters of plastic, 6,000 sheets of wood and 10 Monster Trucks ready to raze with 40 scrapping vehicles that are shattered with their very presence.

More than 130 hours of work have been necessary to bring to our country the most spectacular exhibition related to the motor world that promises not to leave anyone indifferent.

The competition is divided into two parts. In a first, the Trucks will beat in a speed race where the winner will be the monster who manages to complete the tour with the lowest number of penalties.

Then, in a second stage and as the main course of the day, the cops will have 90 Seconds to impress the judges with pirouettes, jumps and other stunts only within reach of the most adventurous.

Also, to heat engines a few hours before the start of the competition, attendees will have the opportunity to tour the circuit and meet the drivers personally. The downside, Monetary as almost always, is that in addition to regular entry they will have to purchase another, the so-called Pit Party with which they will have access to the inaugural party.

Given that this is an almost sporadic event in our country, it is worth scratching your pocket and enjoying the Monster Jam show from every angle.