Thinking of entering a team? Great….the Monster likes it when his prey comes in groups…but then again there is safety in numbers.

Either run together and help your mates get around or have your own inter team race for bragging rights at the end. The choice is yours.  Either way you’ll have a great time and save yourself some money in the process.

All teams of 4 people or more get a 5% discount off the applicable entry fee . Note the team discount only applies to adult tickets. We do not provide discounts on the kids or teenager options. We run those parts of the event at a loss as we want to encourage teens and kids to get involved.

You can sign up individually or the team captain can sign you all up at once. Whatever works for you! If you do sign up 1 by 1 you need to make sure you all pick the same wave time and enter the same team name so the Monster knows to group you together.

To receive the team discount simply e-mail us telling us which event you want the discount for and we will create a unique team discount code for you:

Note that each team member will be charged the applicable entry fee at the time they register. So team captains encourage your teams to sign up early to take advantage of the discounted rates.